Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Theologians Gone Wild!

It is, I believe, still within the matrix of the Eucharistic worship and meditation upon the Holy Scriptures, and evangelical experience in the fellowship and mission of the church, that the empirical and theoretical components in our knowledge of God are found fused together, in a kind of stereoscopic coordination of perceptual and auditive images, and thus provide us with the cognitive instruments we need for explicit theological understanding of God’s interaction with us.

OK...here's the game. Is somebody making this up to mock what passes for enlightened theological discourse in the Christian Church these days, or is the above material being quoted as if something profound has been stated? If you can't tell that it is one snippet of today's enlightened theological discourse, you must be some Bible-thumpin' sister-marryin' fundie.

Compare the great theologians in the history of the Christian Church. I have a fondness for St Augustine, and of course, St Paul. I also have a fondness for the English and Scottish divines of the 18th and 19th centuries. I note for myself that
these men of God --- very educated men I might add --- spoke in language that was clear, and they didn't need to resort to the touchy-feely jibberish as exhibited above. Now sometimes what they wrote was difficult; one sometimes has to read their sentences a few times. However, what they said had cognitive meaning, and that was clear even though the first time reading through the material presented a few pickles here-'n'-there. For example, I remember reading through Romans in the Greek and finding myself wondering just exactly what is St Paul attempting to say here, but, for the life of me, I never felt at the outset that St Paul or his secretary was putting forth inkblots of gobbledygook on a scroll or papyrus.

I've often entertained getting a doctorate in NT or OT, but, if I have to interact with the material as exhibited above as part of my studies and growth, I'd just as well be better off to keep the day job!


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