Thursday, May 05, 2005

For Those Who Don't Like Scrolling Down Too Far On the Page

Why has PP taken a seeming sudden turn into making a mockery of those things he considers eminently mockable?

Recall the following words from the first post on this nascent blog:

What is the point of this weblog? Honestly, I cannot answer that with any definiteness as of the present other than to say that there are certain ideas out there that, while being silly and requiring the same level of critical thought as does the successful popping of bubble wrap, are viewed as the hallmarks of sophisticated and modern thinking. Having been around such intense intellectual posturing for a respectable period of time, and having been sucked against my will into the midst of the vortex of such immense inanity, I consider myself reasonably qualified to comment on such matters while gleefully pointing out that the Emperor, if not totally naked, is quite scantily clad.

Oh well, playtime is over; it is time to get serious for the next few posts to come.


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