Monday, May 09, 2005

Part 2B Needs Some More Work

Bleh, who are we kidding? Part 2B needs a lot more work. Blogging tip #216: don't try writing something during a 30 minute office break while watching the clock.

For the legion of fans of PP --- we can call 8 people a legion can't we? --- I dashed out a response to Lewis' claims regarding hypothetical rational species elsewhere. As I finished it up, I realized that it needed some work, and that a quick on-the-fly sort of post just wouldn't cut it for this topic.

Thus, Part 2B of the "Is Christianity Falsifiable?" series will come out in a hopefully improved form in the next few days. It suffices to say that I'll be very confused if aliens land on my lawn in the interregnum between now and when Part 2B is posted. Old Clive Staples deserves a better response than the one given.


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