Monday, May 30, 2005

Pedantic Protestant World Tour 2005

There will not likely be any more posts until Thursday or Friday of this week.

The PP is giving a technical talk in the field associated with his day job, and will be near the Bay Area. I'm earning the first P in my name. The Bay Area will of course be deluged with Pedantic Protestant tee-shirts and coffee mugs in the process.

I dread airports. They're boring, the seating is not particularly comfortable, and one has to get there so early [for security reasons] that one has a large amount of waiting time just while waiting to board the plane, let alone the flight.

And, on top of that, when I'm actually on the plane, the guy in front of me invariably decides to lean back and crush me so that HE can stretch out. At this stage, the PP begins to visualize vats of boiling oil and torture racks.

There are also the really big people whose bodies spill out onto your seat, meaning that everything you do has to account for a wall of flab that is blocking a good portion of your range of motion! I mean, you try to get up so you can go to the bathroom, sabotage the smoke detector, and light up, and there is Jumbo in your way!

I liked the idea of the sci-movie The Fifth Element, where among other things, people lay down in a bunk-like device for the flight. That would make the flight enjoyable, since a good long nap could knock off most of the flight time.
Ah, but the world does not listen to the PP.

In brief, today is a travel day, and we're not at all amused. =(


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