Friday, May 13, 2005

Something Funny Happened Along the Way to Part 2B

The storied history of Part 2B in my little Is Christianity Falsifiable? series goes as follows:

(a) The whole "alien life" option strikes me as being good evidence against Christianity.

(b) I dig up CS Lewis as an example of somebody for whom the alien life problem, at least theory, presents no problem.

(c) I have a series of replies and objections to Lewis lined up.

(d) I hurriedly post them during a quiet stretch of office hours.

(e) I realize at the end that the post isn't good, and say that a more rigorous post is coming.

(f) While thinking about 2B over the last few days, I'm now wondering if my objections actually carry any water.

This means that 2B's status is still in limbo. A seemingly simple problem, at least for the PP, isn't so simple. The research staff here at PP is still at work, though we're trying to have some fun as well, mixing in some lighthearted material with some more serious material.

What we can say about 2B is that it will come like a thief in the night, at a time when people are saying peace! and prosperity . Do not be found wanting on that Day.


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