Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chinese Buffets --- A Scholarly Study of Divine Providence

One of the goals upon the triumphant return to the Golden State is to stop living the grad-student lifestyle with regards to erratic sleeping hours and nigh-suicidal diet choices. The motto: "Distance running by December!" [Hopefully I can run a marathon by next summer.]

What could possibly throw the plan awry? One answer: Chinese Buffets, All-U-Can-Eat. Now we all have self-control in some areas but are weak in other areas. For some people, a Chinese Buffet poses no threat. For others, Chinese Buffets enflame the conscience in much the same way that eating meat offered to idols might have enflamed some Corinthian Christians. I belong in this latter class. If an enjoyment of inexpensive Chinese Buffets is a sign of an unregenerate man, then the Inferno awaits the PP.

In the shopping mall right around the corner from the PP domicile, there has been an empty storefront lacking an occupant for close to a year. I have wondered what will go in place of that empty storefront. A new business just opened there a few days ago. What was it?

Answer: a Chinese Buffet with a $7 all-u-can-eat meal tab, not to mention chicken, pizza, fries, and ice cream. Now given that I hate cooking and prefer convenient foods, and given that one can stock up with a big meal for $7 per day [fairly inexpensive] and not have to worry about eating much later, it is simply hilarious that one of the Great Temptations of Life is placed a stone's throw from where I live. Had circumstances not permitted me to move now [making me wait until a few months down the road], or had this buffet opened a few months ago, this blog would've been named Pudgy Protestant or Porky Protestant. I will only have to suffer from this unbearable burden of knowing there is a Chinese Buffet place right around the corner for a mere three or four days, and can partake of it knowing that after that period it shall be removed. As the scriptures say: God will not tempt a man beyond what he can bear. :-)

For those who study Providence and read dusty old theology volumes [which may have their own merits], you may put your books down and refer to this thread, which is possibly the clearest and most lucid example of God's Providence in action.


Anonymous Lydia said...

Hey, Eric, I showed up momentarily.

Ah, but if you up in CA and find _another_ Chinese Buffet just around the corner, what will you say of Providence _then_?

I guess it'll be all right. In CA it will be $70 per meal and All-U-Can-Eat, and people will think it's a great deal! :-)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 4:57:00 PM  
Blogger Pedantic Protestant said...

I happen to know that the immediate area of my new residence in CA is free of the blight of Chinese Buffets. That was one of the matters of concern when deciding where to live!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 7:09:00 PM  

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