Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Limited Posting

The PP's Muse has taken a vacation without informing him, and hence a few days off seems to be the prescription. Even Superman needed a few days of recovery in his Fortress of Solitude, so, arguing from lesser to greater, the PP certainly can do the same.

After that, there should be a week or so of normalcy [whatever that means], and then the Big Move West takes place, which means that the Pedantic Protestant portion of the blogosphere will acquire some dust, and faithful readers might observe tumbleweed blowing through.

Beautiful California is the final destination of the PP.

Actually, there are a few points worth stating.

(1) I grew up in California. Despite spending 7 years out in the Midwest or Eastern part of the US, I never got used to the climate. Frankly, the lack of sunlight is quite depressing, which throws off the sleep schedule. This in turn throws off the diet, which in turn affects all other parts of life, and has the circular effect of making the sleep schedule even poorer.

(2) I left California for a middle-of-the-road job [nothing special], figuring that the money and opportunity would make up for the weather, leaving family and friends behind, etc. It didn't even come close to making up for that. In fact, you could have doubled my modest salary, pushing the PP into the upper class, and it wouldn't have made any difference in wanting to get back to sunshine. Environment trumps money, at least in my case.

(3) Having been born and raised well past adulthood in California, I was always told that the Midwest was more conservative. It really isn't, it seems.

(4) What makes California special? It is that the weather there is much more stable than, say Chicago. In Chicago, the joke is that you can often get all four seasons in a day, and there is something to this joke. In the Central Valley of CA, however, what you wake up with is usually what you're going to have.

(5) 100+ degree days TOTALLY ROCK. One of the simple [and inexpensive] pleasures of life is running at 7pm when it is still high 80's and the sun is starting to set, and you're just sweating like a maniac. In the East or Midwest, much of the time it is difficult to obtain a sweaty lather. The warm weather means you can keep windows open year-round, instead of having to keep the windows shuttered for half the year.

(6) Believe it or not, after seven years on EST and CST, the body still thinks in terms of PST. Pacific time ROCKS, just like 100+ degree days.

(7) I was in darned good shape when I left CA. Now, the physique is in tatters, a consequence of cold dark days dominating 6-7 months per year. Believe me, making good money doesn't mean much if you're feeling like Jabba the Hutt.

(8) Growing up in NoCal, I romanticized snow. By the January of my first year out in the East or Midwest, I was sick of snow. I never want to see it again in person.

What is the future of the Pedantic Protestant blog upon arriving in lovely California? Upon getting set up midway through July [or near the end], posting should resume normally. After all, being in California is like hitting the mother lode when looking for progressive goofball behavior at which one can poke.

Let's hope I find a good Roman Catholic parish in my new archdiocese!


Blogger centuri0n said...

The Catholic comment is funny, but as for the rest, you should have tried Houston before going home like a Momma's boy.

btw, your Mom called and she said she was excited to have you "back in her web". I don't know what that means, but have a safe trip.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 12:21:00 PM  
Blogger Pedantic Protestant said...

I put the Catholic comment down there just to see if anybody was paying attention.

As to the last paragraph, yes, I can go live with the folks, can't I? George Costanza lives!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 6:50:00 PM  
Blogger centuri0n said...

lol. Costanza.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 10:46:00 AM  

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