Friday, June 17, 2005

A Man Never Goes Poor...

By counting on our self-anointed visionaries to not carry out the moral exhortations they speak to the dirty masses in the imperative tone.

Considering that a middle-class guy such as myself is harangued by progressives to surrender more of my property and wealth to Government [the One True God, a Jealous God] for redistribution to lazy people, greedy corporations, welfare moms, or the old folks down the street whose presumed right to entitlement comes from the mere fact that they're old, it must be the case that either there aren't too many progressives out there, or that there are a lot of progressives who spout their wealth-redistributionist rhetoric strictly for public show.

Deroy Murdock gives a nice little treatment in this article found on the once-truly conservative National Review site.

When Massachusetts cut its top tax rate to 5.3 percent in 2001, it let guilty liberals pay the old 5.85 percent rate if they wished. According to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, as of June 15, only 930 taxpayers opted to do so on their 2004 returns generating an extra $246,505. In 2002, 2,215 taxpayers paid the higher rate, yielding $341,829. Among 3,218,572 returns filed in 2003, only 1,488 (or 0.46 percent) paid the voluntary higher rate, adding $209,216 to state coffers.

Pro-tax U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.) spurned the higher rate that year. “No, I won’t” pay some $800 extra, Frank told Boston radio host Howie Carr in April 2003. “I don’t trust the legislative leadership and Gov. [Mitt] Romney to make the right decisions, so I’ll donate the money myself, probably to some health clinics in New Bedford that are going to get hit hard in the new budget.” How inspiring to see a confirmed progressive like Barney Frank choose private charity over public assistance.

Yes, how very inspiring that a progressive allows himself the choice that he in part denies to those of us in the great dirty unwashed masses!


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