Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Somebody's Getting a PP Coffee Mug or Tee-Shirt!

Eric Svendsen at Real Clear Theology lists some new blogs that he has been reading.

2. Pedantic Protestant. I list him last because no one knows for certain who he is--and he's not telling. But if you follow the subtle hints he provides now and then about his identity, you may finally figure it out without his help. His blog entries are precocious if sardonic, and they are filled with sarcasm and irony--which is why he's usually an enjoyable read : ). I don't always agree with his approach to things (an observation that could be leveled against me as well, I suppose), but his observations are usually on the money.

Actually, I'm #3 and not #2 on the list, but being listed in the same positive light as Phillip Johnson and Steve
is praise that a fledgling blog of this sort can certainly use. So to Dr Svendsen: thanks for the plug, and remember that the tee-shirt will shrink a bit the first time you wash it in hot water.

What follows are generally miscellaneous paragraphs typed out by a zonked-out travel-weary person who just can't fall asleep:

(1) Everybody looks for different things in allies. I don't look for having the same conclusions necessarily, but what matters is just how one goes about thinking about things. Therefore, while Hays' statements about baptism or the sacraments rattle me a bit [and I disagree with them], he thinks along the same lines as I do. So while there are disagreements here 'n' there, I'm naturally sympathetic and in agreement with the great majority of what he writes. The same comments here apply to Phil Johnson. If only Phil's readers could somehow be tricked, lured, or baited to come over here.

(2) The same concept in (1) applies to Roman Catholicism. Now if I thought Rome was the way to go, I'd be the Pedantic Papist instead of the Pedantic Protestant, but I have major reservations with Rome on several fronts. [And even this is a bit of an understatement.] But again, I can respect Roman Catholics who think along similar evidential lines as I do. A Roman Catholic who makes sweeping historical and epistemological claims such as Our Church is 2000 years old and yours is only 500 years old or There is only one Roman Catholic Church and 30,000 Protestant denominations! or We have an infallible arbiter and you don't! makes me think of vats of boiling oil and torture racks. On the other hand, serious argumentation and such can be appreciated. So, let me take a minute to give a shout out to the Crimson Catholic at least on a personal level for not succumbing to the urge to substitute sloganeering for presenting one's case, though I'm returning my CC coffee mug until the Star Wars imagery comes to an end.

(3) As for my "secret identity," bah humbug. I truly am a nobody relative to the Christian Church, though I'd say I already have a large core of a conservative seminary curriculum thanks to about 6 years of being an automath. I hold no position, no title, in the Church, other than that of a reasonably well-read layman [who can discern or at least claims to be able to discern the structure of an argument]. Well, I was a Sunday School teacher once, and was a dismal failure at it. Actually, in a way, I have a sort-of position in the Roman Catholic Church. Pretty much anybody who wants to know can know whatever they'd like. The main thing about anonymity is not to abuse it and get personal with folks. In this case, it would rather be immoral. One could also say that by not putting my name with things, I don't have the courage of my convictions. Whatever. If my arguments or ideas resonate, they resonate regardless of whether I'm one of [say] Dr Svendsen's multiple personalities or a po-mo trying to imitate a Biblicist. If they fail, they fail on their own merits.

(4) Dr Svendsen states that the my modest collection of entries are precocious if sardonic, and sarcastic, among other things. He's correct. This blog is meant to be a release, among other things, from [what I see as] the utter pretentiousness of those who claim the title of Intellectual. Now in my day job I'm around intellectuals all day, and I see the silliness and vapidity of much that is considered "modern and progressive thought." I'm in the epicenter of nonsense --- the modern university --- and it is a wearing experience. Silly ideas and most intellectuals deserve to have their scantily-clad or naked emperor paraded before the great dirty unwashed masses. [This is how many of them see us.] One can only take too much self-assured modern nonsense before one has to sound off about it. So the sarcasm is there: this is what passes for thought nowadays?!?! And the sardonic spirit is there, as certain ideas are so self-stultifying and moronic that only an intellectual could hold them, and hence deserve disdain.

(5) Particularly distressing is this nonsense when it is presented in the Christian Church as some sort of necessary corrective or great intellectual breakthrough that we uninitiated are supposed to accept unquestioningly from our intellectual superiors. I'm used to secular inanities, but I'm seeing more and more secular inanity dressed up in Christian garb, and this material deserves, among other things, a sardonic nobody blogger making fun of it!

(6) I've learned that blogging eats up more time than expected. It is very difficult to talk about many ideas in a reasonable way in the space of a blog entry. In fact, I'm not totally pleased with many of my serious posts [but neither am I ashamed of them], but the only way to improve them would be to lengthen them to small books, and that won't pay the light bill or the delivery guy from Domino's.

(7) Hmmm....where does Svendsen think I'm going wrong? Perhaps a readership-increasing blog war can begin.

(8) This post has nearly exhausted June's supply of first-person pronouns!


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