Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That Sweet Li'l Dictator...Ain't He Cute

In a puff piece of journalism, if it can be called that, it is revealed that Saddam Hussein, a mass-murdering tyrant, among other things, happens to have a fondness for Doritos and a dislike for Froot Loops. The article is courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times.

Yes, it is sort of funny. But, unlike the unintentional humor of pomo's, socialists, phony intellectuals, full-time apologists who ask for money instead of getting the appropriate full-time job, wacky humanities professors, and other goofballs who provide cannon fodder for this blog, this is, I contend, not really that funny, the simple reason being that mass murderers should not be humanized, but should be exposed for the mass murderers that they are. There comes a point whereby one forfeits any legal or civic claim to humanity and all the rights and privileges pertaining to it. Murdering many people doesn't seem to be an activity after which one gets to be humanized and made a sympathetic object of humor.

There's no way of verifying this, but the speculation for the day from the PP side of things is that this is part of a cultural effort to make Pres. Bush look bad and to attempt to emotionally sway people's opinions on whether the Iraq affair warranted the action that took place.

Emotionalism as journalism...and in a major newspaper too...not good.


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