Saturday, June 18, 2005

United Church of Whom?

Stolen from Alpha and Omega Ministries, this article
deals with a possible resolution before the United Church of Christ regarding recognition of the deity of Christ. Should the UCC claim that "Jesus is Lord" or should it not?

When starting the Pedantic Protestant, the fear was that perhaps there wouldn't be enough goofiness out there [whether I find it myself or take it from somebody else's finding] upon which to comment, but those fears have quickly passed.

In graduate school, I often walked through the campus quadrangle where the kiosks put forth by liberal denominations were set up. In speaking with those people and in dealing with their literature, I realized there was alien life here on Earth. On the planet from which they came, they didn't believe in the law of the excluded middle, and they embraced contradiction as a sign of progressive thinking. That a statement was self-stultifying posed no difficulty: "Our Church has no creed --- we take people as they are!" was itself creedal, and despite the faux open-mindedness and tolerance, they were quite judgemental towards anybody who held to the old views of propositional truth. I never found one trace of anything resembling a gospel among such types during those days, for one was already OK with God, or one was never "not OK with God" to begin with. Such assemblies were nothing more than feel-good pow-wow sessions where the fashionable cause of the week was dressed in pseudo-Christian babble. If the article linked to here is at all correct, the UCC isn't much different.


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