Saturday, September 03, 2005

Coming Attractions

I'll have a somewhat lengthy post on Rom 5 soon, and, time- and energy-willing, a post on Rom 6 will follow. [This present post will go when I put up the Rom 5 post on Sunday or Monday.]

While Romans is profound, I wish God had chosen his apostle to the Gentiles to be somebody with a more linear idiom and a less hyperactive mind. I also wish that Paul in his inspiration would've kept in mind the fact that 21st century Westerners [especially Pedantic Protestants] need to understand the saving truths within Romans as well, and hence he could've explained some finer points a bit more than he did, though the main themes seem clear enough. If only I had a visible institution and an infallible arbiter to rescue me...but where might I find such an institution and arbiter?


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