Monday, November 07, 2005

Ebert & Roeper & Red Romanist


Leave it to the Crimson Catholic to make a grand sweeping statement linking Star Wars with his latest grand theory about Protestantism.

Money quote:

Likewise, as I mentioned in the blog entry linked above, it is entirely unsurprising that Protestantism would necessarily lash out at Star Wars, as the entire edifice of Protestantism was built on the negation of just this idea of pagan virtue. Indeed, I pointed out that the desperate compromise with tools of negation out of misguided attachment to temporal goods, the quite-literal opposite of pagan virtue, was Anakin's failing as well as Luther's, in effect making Protestantism's fall parallel to Anakin's. A good pagan and a good Stoic is seeking apatheia, freedom from the domination of passions and dependence on temporal goods, but only a Christian actually realizes them. Both Anakin and Luther are examples of the failure of apatheia and the misery that ensues from that failure; they cut off their own ability to perceive the good in creation. And this misunderstanding of human apatheia carries over inevitably into violations of the divine impassibility as well, so that they make God into a Really Big Human (a la Leibniz) with righteous passions, ironically undermining the very divine quality that makes God the stable ontological foundation that the pagans sought in a changing world.

Read the whole thread at CC. I say: much ado about nothing.

If only C^2 would've capitalized entire words or phrases, and inserted the word "catholicity" in randomly selected spots, we could've had ourselves yet another grand Enloe-styled theory of everything. You know what I mean, whereby a school of thought from long ago is linked to another school of thought without argumentation but with plenty of assurance and confidence, which, after liberal sprinklings of the word "Cartesian" and "Baconian," leads to some conclusion of the form and that's why --- in connection with REFORMED Baptist HERMENEUTICS that produce DISEMBODIED PROPOSITION LOVING MINDS WITH RADICAL INDIVIDUALISTIC AUTONOMY --- soybean futures dropped 3.2% this last week.

It suffices to say that I'm scared to see any movies with Jonathan now --- and not just because he'd try to make me buy both the tickets and Jujyfruits by citing the example of some obscure philosopher of whom I've never heard. The real reason is this: between the prices of popcorn, cell phones going off in the theater, the fact that a starting movie time of X means that you'll see ads from X to X+25 minutes, I'd have to put up with his constantly whispering his lastest chastisment of Protestantism in my ear** while I'm trying to watch the latest romantic comedy. I suppose that during Gigli or Anchorman --- two movies that to motion picture art as his musings are to philosophy --- he'd connect the plot with some obscure saint's worldview and chastise me for saying "Like, hey, man, that's like TOTALLY pagan to the max." He may very well view the Chiefs going for the win over those loathesome and vile Oakland R****** the other day not as a football play, but a statement on the sacraments and on how misled we poor Protestants are.

And I loathe to see what he'll say at the Roller Derby rink or the next pro wrestling show. There are probably 50 proofs for the Petrine Papacy to be had during WWF Smackdown or the next ppv wrestling show, if only we are as philosophically deep as he is.

Ah, Crimson Catholic, pray for us sinners, now and in the hour of our death!

[** --- When Anakin talked in Episode II about how government should do all sorts of things and provide all sorts of things for people to be equal, I whispered "COMMIE!" to a certain Papista sitting next to me. This insight surely made up for the fact that she paid for my ticket.]



Blogger Progressive Christian said...

The biggest thing is that, apart from some token roles [like the people of color in the Bush administration], Lucas and Star Wars were not affirming to people of color and alternative lifestyles.

But just keep eating your greasy popcorn and enjoying the lightsaber duels...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 4:09:00 PM  

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