Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm "It" [Whatever That Means!]

Apparently the Turkoman of the rapidly-approaching-legendary-status Centuri0n blog has tagged me [among others], making me "it."

What does being "it" mean? If I understand him correctly, it means that I am responsible for giving seven lists, each list containing seven items. Also, if I understand him correctly as well as the woman who tagged him, I don't have liberty in choosing what the lists should be.

At least this isn't like receiving a letter asking me to make seven copies and mail them to others under threat of curses, bad luck, etc! At the same time, Frank is a big-league blogger, so it is an honor for him to make a trip from the city out to the blog-equivalent of the Alkali Flats and call me out.

Since my brain --- which is easily overtaxed at times --- is presently overtaxed with all sorts of mundane matters, it seems like a good way to get two things done at once by blogging a reply and honoring Turk's tagging.

One warning --- this may perhaps be uninteresting reading, so proceed at the risk of falling asleep and having your head smack the desk on the way down. I'm not responsible for any resulting head trauma, so don't sue me.

Seven things to do before death:

(1) Run a marathon.
(2) Be able to say "I made it" in the sense of business and financial success.
(3) Make several albums of varying types of music.
(4) Be a nicer person.
(5) Learn that many people do not view their words as necessarily connected to reality!
(6) [[The Pedantic Protestant had something here that apparently he meant seriously. We here at the PP Editing Committee are rather shocked that he tried to sneak the deleted paragraph past us. Good try, PP, but you can't say that in the Blogdom of God.]]
(7) Make sure I'm really justified! [This is tongue-in-cheek.]

Seven things I cannot do

(1) See how Roman Catholicism of any of its various flavors is strongly supported by the evidence. [This line is just for Diane...]
(2) Understand how the fact that people want something to be true somehow makes it true.
(3) Understand how people think that we need elected busybodies running and regulating our lives.
(4) Instantiate the NT ethos as well as I'm supposed to. [Thank goodness for Romans 7:7-25.]
(5) Resist a cocker spaniel or chubby grey tabby with black stripes.
(6) Watch Oprah without yelling pointed comments at the TV about muddled worldviews.
(7) Have the sort of prayer life I should.

Seven things that attract me to my spouse

In a way that alternates between felicitous and lugubrious, I say: "N/A" !!

Seven things I say most often

While my vocabulary is hardly Buckleyesque, it is varied enough to where I can't pin down any personal catchphrases. JJ had DYNOMIIIIIITE....Chico [from Chico and the Man] had LOOOOOKING GOOOOOD... Quagmire from Family Guy has ALLLLLLLRIGHT ... Dr McCoy has something like DAMMIT JIM I'M A DOCTOR NOT A TOUR GUIDE FOR THAT GREEN-BLOODED POINTY-EARED HOBGOBLIN.

But I have nothing. Sorry to disappoint.

Seven Books I Love [At least at the time of typing this....ten minutes from now the list could change.]

(1) E. Vestrup's The Theory of Measures and Integration. [C'mon...this was a softball. The book reportedly has proven medicinal value for insomniacs.]
(2) The entire Robot, Empire, and Foundation series [plural] by Isaac Asimov. [Fun reading, but you have to swallow his atheistic materialism for the setting to be viable.]
(3) CS Lewis' Space Trilogy
(4) M. Spivak's Calculus, a book so wonderfully written that my plans to write a calculus book of my own felt futile compared to Spivak's work.
(5) Oh yeah, the Bible. [Almost forgot about that. And at a blog called "Pedantic Protestant" ? That would be inexcusable.]
(6) God and Design: The Teleological Argument and Modern Science, Neil Manson, editor. IMHO the entire book is worth it for Chapter 10 alone. [Inside joke.]
(7) CEB Cranfield's two volume ICC Commentary on Romans.

Seven movies I could watch over and over again.

I'm not the sort of guy who can watch a movie over and over again. I believe the movie I have conscientiously seen the most times is Ben Hur, and that is a mere three times. Sorry to be a party pooper here. I'll put the lampshade on my head if that helps things, though...

Seven people I want to join in, too

HAHAHAHA, the chain letter stops here. Curse me, promise me bad luck, etc.

On the other hand, if I loop back to somebody who has done the list already, will the resulting logical conundrum cause the universe to crunch back into a singularity? Just checking.


Blogger centuri0n said...

You pathetic, single introvert. I can't believe you punted.

And you should be so luck as to have a spouse who is both felicitous and lugubrious.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 8:02:00 AM  
Blogger Pedantic Protestant said...

It appears I've displeased the Turkoman.

I suppose I need to bring the choicest animals of my flock to the altar and completely dedicate them to the Turkoman, even letting the fire consume the fat. Yes, then perhaps the Turkoman will forgive me when He smells the offering, an aroma pleasing to the Turkoman.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 1:02:00 PM  

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