Monday, November 21, 2005

Marking Out to Reformed Rasslin'

Hello dear readers! I can't post anything of substance today, but I do want to shout out a "hullo" to friend and foe alike.

An interesting post is coming tomorrow. A very interesting post, we believe. Not theological, but this isn't necessarily a theological blog. The post is about pro wrestling, surely an issue of similarly cosmic significance. Other blogs like NTRMin and Triablogue and Reformata, etc, just don't go this deeply into things, which is why the world needs a PP blog or two.

Let that whet your appetite. And imagine me power-bombing annoying Catholic apologists on the concrete, throwing them into the turnbuckle, or pulling a foreign object out of the tights and blindsiding them while Frank Turk and Steve Hays distract the ref! Let's hope the papists don't in turn pull out a steel chair and smash it over my head. [That wouldn't serve ecumenical dialogue and catholicity very well, would it?]


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