Thursday, November 10, 2005

Self Inspection

In my continual quest for self-improvement, I have spent the last few days meditating on what it means to be me, how I am me, and how I treat others. "What," I asked myself, "is my worst quality, something that demeans me in the eyes of others?"

After tortured hours of prayer, the answer has arrived. I have consistently spelled judgment as judgement. As I now understand it, judgment without the first e is the proper American spelling, whereas judgement with the first e is the British spelling. I'm a real American [cue '80's Hulk Hogan ring entrance music] so we must spell as Americans do.

Runner-up answer to the self-improvement question: I now put the roll of tp so that the loose end comes down in the front, not the back.

I can feel the self-esteem flooding back already...


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