Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Turk

Frank Turk, of Centuri0n fame, has apparently drawn the ire of some people. I'm referring to the Internet Monk and [I believe] various members of the Boar's Head Tavern outfit.

Check out the link and the comments. I find it rather interesting, for whatever reason.

Some brief editorial:

(1) The comment by Phil Johnson of Pyromaniac fame regarding one facet of the pomo mindset merits a hearty amen from this corner. His comment is somewhere down the list there.

(2) It seems to be the case that calling somebody "Truly Reformed" at the BHT seems to be some sort of derogatory slur or a label that is used to do the heavy lifting of an actual argument, much in the same fashion that leftists use the terms "racist" and "sexist" etc as proxies for an actual argument.

Here's an interesting fact: I'm not Reformed, let alone "Truly Reformed," though I have the same sensibilities as does a Turk, Hays, Engwer, Svendsen, White, etc. I have the same sensibilities as does any conservative Evangelical with a high classical view of scripture. For all of the purported bullishness and alleged polemicizing in which these fellows have engaged, I have never had my fur rubbed the wrong way by any of them, and, coming from an orthodox Lutheran background, there's plenty of fur to be rubbed the wrong way by the likes of a Hays or Turk or Svendsen.
But we seem to be at relative peace...condition green as they'd say.

And another point: what's wrong with being "Truly Reformed" anyway? Is it more cool to say you're Reformed but hold to [say] a Barthian view of scripture? Do you get a discount on your latte for saying "We need to incorporate the decline of modernism into our studies" ? Etc. If the Reformed folks are right --- a fact I'm not entirely sure of btw --- one should be "Truly Reformed."

(3) No matter how informal the conversation between adults, bad theology is bad theology. Adding a bunch of cutesy snark to bad theology may make the bad theology entertaining reading, but it is still bad theology. If people want to put up bad theology, that's their right, but they shouldn't act like narcissistic victims if somebody calls them on it.

BTW --- full disclosure --- I've never had any interaction with IMonk or the BHT crowd. This is based on their reaction to what seems like an in-bounds post by the Turkoman.

(4) I get the feeling that orthodoxy is viewed as boring. A high and inerrant view of scripture is considered yesterday's news. It seems much more fashionable to see how much of orthodoxy one can deny and still be considered conservative; it is almost a game now to see how much of scriptural inerrancy and authority can be denied while still allowing one's self to be considered a full Evangelical. This is just an impression for now, perhaps it is wrong.

(5) On a different but Turk-ish note, I note that, whereas the PP Coffee Mug, the PP hooded sweatshirt, and the PP mousepad exist noncorporeally but in a different plane of being, the Turkoman appears to have quite the array of Turkish Delights out there.

(a) I can imagine carrying organic vegetables around in my Centuri0n tote bag to the next love-in or protest.

(b) I don't know what it is, but seeing an Evangelical chick in a "female minion" shirt just might make the heart beat a little faster.

(c) In an odd twist of pricing, the stoner-black Centuri0n tee-shirt is pricier than the Centuri0n polo shirt.

What should Frank add to the inventory of fine Centuri0n gear?

(i) The Centuri0n thong. For the, ah, shall we say, more provocative female blog-readers who want to show it off...

(ii) Frank could put his picture in concentric circles and sell it to the BHT as the Centuri0n dartboard.

(iii) Or, couldn't one market Centuri0n tp. Then his foes can have the satisfaction once or twice a day [if they're healthy] of claiming to....oh never mind, I can't say it in politic fashion.


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Let me tell you: if I could make a centuri0n dart board, I'd make a million bucks.

... stupid cafepress ...

Friday, November 25, 2005 10:12:00 AM  

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