Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fascination for Fascination

It's 1983, and you know you totally want to play [Keep Feeling] Fascination over and over on your cassette player...

Seriously speaking, I believe Fascination is one of the catchiest pop songs ever, besides being an exquisite period piece for the glorious early-80's New Wave synth-pop. The main synth-riff is a very fat monophonic analog [?] synthesizer playing D-F-G-G-G-F-A-D with some obligatory cheesy 80's chick vocals. [To avoid confusion, the F, G, and A are the pitches on the same octave as the initial and terminating D.]

Cheesy or not, I played the song 12 times in my car last night. I drove home from a friend's place, which only takes about 10 minutes. But the tune was so catchy [it was #1 in the Dance Club charts back in '83 --- not that I knew that fact 22 years ago] I just drove around the neighborhood close to midnight just to keep listening to the track.

[[Too bad digital and frequency modulation keyboards came along in the mid-80's and pushed the analog synths into the background, but that's op-ed piece for another time here at PP.]]


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