Sunday, December 11, 2005

An Epigram of Martial

Here is the epigram of the Roman poet Martial that is the basis for the paraphrase given in the new profile to your right.

Sunt bona, sunt quaedam mediocria, sunt mala plura
quae legis hic: aliter non fit, Auite, liber.

Some of what you read here is good, some is mediocre, and more is bad: a book, Avitus, cannot be made any other way.

This epigram is the sixteenth epigram from Book I of Martial's epigrams, at least if I take the site where I found the translation at face value:

[[As a side note, having read some epigrams of Martial back in 1989-1990 as an undergraduate, it was impressed on me that man really hasn't changed --- he had the same thoughts and ambitions back then as in our modern era.]]


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