Friday, January 20, 2006

Remember When.....

Do any PP readers remember when the R's and the D's were haggling over the federal budget surplus, whether real or projected? We needed [so said the R's] to elect R's so that those perfidious D's wouldn't spend it away. After all, a vote for an R is a vote for fiscal sanity, small government, and so on.

But the present federal budget deficit of hundreds of billions of dollars must [somehow] be the D's fault. After all, R's believe in small government and fiscal responsibility. That's what the R's claim for themselves, or at least some of them.

What's the solution? Obviously, we must elect more R's. When the deficit rises [if R habits continue] we can still blame the D's on this issue. They're against smaller government and they want to spend the way that other people breathe --- unlike the disciplined R party...

OK...this is just a mini-rant on my part. It is horribly general, but I'd contend the broad brushstrokes still hit the mark. What's a small-gov't guy like myself to do, apart from cloning Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and replacing the bodies of spendthrift R's with the Paul clones while hoping nobody notices?

The other question with which someone like myself must contend is: do people really want to be free to live their lives and make their choices [and live with the consequences], or do they want to make a claim on the wealth and labor of others for redistribution to their pet principles? I don't know the answer to this empirical question. Maybe other people don't feel so negatively about collectivist thinking, thinking nothing of demanding that others subsidize their lives [and having their wealth in turn redistributed according to the wishes of others]. Maybe we small-l libertarians or "classic liberals" [if I'm using the term correctly] are a very small minority, and we just have to accept that for the time being.

Oh well.


Blogger chamblee54 said...

The sad truth is that the United States has 160,000 troops in a war zone eight time zones away from Washington.
Whatever the outcome of this affair in terms of "democracy in the middle east", the fact is that we will need to PAY for it. Currently, the entire tab for this war is piled onto the national debt.
The national debt is largely financed by asian investors.
I know this is a pointless rant, but I honestly don't know the solution. I do know, the current budget crisis cannot be blamed on Democratic social programs.

Saturday, January 21, 2006 3:35:00 AM  

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